Feedback Invitation

We are committed to developing a clinical practice of excellence that is worthy of the trust you place in us.

As a valued client of this Service you are invited to provide us with any feedback which you believe may help us continue to improve our clinical and administrative practices. We strive to do the best we can but there is always room for improvement. Please feel free to advise us immediately if you have any problems.....we won’t be offended rather very appreciative.

If you have any queries or difficulties about any aspect of your treatment please do not hesitate to speak with one of us about your concerns. If you do not feel the issue has been satisfactorily resolved please advise our practice manager that you wish to speak with me.

The only way we can continue to improve the quality of our practice is by learning about what we can do better.

Of course we love to hear any positive feedback too!

Contact us today with your feedback.
Dr Christine O’Connor MAPS