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"to be heard is profoundly healing" Anon


Everyone, at some point in their lives, needs a safe and welcoming place where someone will listen confidentially without giving advice or judging you about what is troubling you or causing you pain. You may feel guilt, shame, fear, sadness, confused and alone or uncertain of your future. You may be experiencing difficulties in your relationships at home or work. Or overwhelmed by lack of self-confidence, grief, trauma, life-changing decisions... possibly struggling with mental health difficulties.


Our Psychologists

We have an experienced team of Psychologists who would like to help you.

Dr Christine O'Connor


Clinical Psychologist/ Director BPsych(Hons) MPsych(Clin) PhD MAPS Learn more

Bridget Webber


Clinical Psychologist BEd(Hons)-BPsych MEdLea MPsych(Clin) MAPS Learn more

Melanie Koen


Psychologist BA(Psych) Grad Dip (Applied Psychology) Assoc. MAPS Learn more

Natalie Walsh


Psychologist BSSc (Psych) (Honours) (Assoc) MAPS Learn more

Your wellbeing is our priority

How can we help?

We aim to work compassionately and professionally with people, individually and within groups, to assist them achieve and maintain optimal mental health and wellbeing.

As such our assessment and treatment processes involve more than simply diagnosing difficulties. Rather we understand that people seek meaning and purpose in their lives beyond solving their problems. Therefore the added value of treatment is that we encourage you to learn how to identify and embrace your strengths so as to approach your life with confidence and learn to thrive and flourish.

We are committed to maintaining a respectful person-centred focus using evidence-based psychological practices in our clinical work.

Our Services

We have a variety of support services.

Why Contact Us?

We will listen.

We warmly invite you to call us because we will listen respectfully to your story and seek to assist you to make sense of your life.

At Life Giving Psychology Resolutions we believe in people and trust people. You are not defined by your problems or diagnosis or illness; rather you are a unique human being who possesses individual qualities and strengths that have assisted you not only to survive but will also help you grow into who you want to become.

In our many years of working with people we have observed four enduring qualities that feature predominantly in people who have attended for treatment. They are STRENGTH, COURAGE, HONESTY and an ability to ENDURE often extraordinary difficulties and hardships. And indeed it is why it is such a privilege to work with people.